The research paper writing has become an essential part of the lives of almost all professionals belonging to all walks of life nowadays. Whether you like it or not, you have to write and publish research papers for promotions, salary raise, respect and finding better jobs. The challenge is the lack of proper step by step guidance. I will discuss the step by step approach in any of the upcoming blogs soon, however, in this blog I will focus on the speed of writing and completing a research paper. How do you write a research paper is already a challenge, then another challenge that bothers students is how to complete it before the deadline. If you follow the following four rules of rapid writing, you will complete the paper fast.


Many students just wish to write a research article, but it is merely a wishful thinking. They never really decide to complete the article on time. The decision is something that you take as the point of no return, that you say, “no matter what happens, I will not stop “until” I achieve my goal.” Many people don’t have that decision making power. The first step is always to decide the deadline, your school, college, or university deadline could be different, but you should have a personal deadline for your own paper. Preferably, a week before the real deadline. This will motivate you and force you to complete your task. This will encourage you to finish your paper fast.

Make a promise to yourself that you will finish the task before the deadline, no matter what happens, you will not stop and quit. The strength of your decision will be determined by the “reasons” you have to complete your article on time. Write down the list of possible reasons why you want to complete this article. The more the reasons, the stronger your why, the stronger your decision and commitment will be. Most people who don’t achieve their goals, have no reason or very few reasons to achieve their goals. The more reasons you have the bigger and stronger your WHY would be. Work on making your WHY bigger and bigger and your will be able to complete your task. The power of your decision will be stronger and stronger with each WHY you can come up with. Simply thinking of whys is not enough as well. You must write those whys down. Writing does one magic, it involves your sense of touch and the sense of vision together, when you involve multiple senses it creates an everlasting effect on your mind. Follow these suggestions, and you will really benefit from it.


You should prioritize your goal of finishing a research article. Many students want to write a paper, but they cannot stop watching TV, movies, surfacing Facebook, and other social media. Most of their day and time is spent on these useless things. Everyone has limited high energy hours, and many students waste those high energy hours surfing social media, then they want to work on their article when all of their energy is lost. No wonder they cannot complete their research paper on time. How could you complete it, when you are not in your best energy levels? You need high energy levels to use your mind and your hands to write. The mind cannot work when you are tired or about to sleep. The research article should be your priority, priority means everything should come after that. Analyze your own-self and see what is the best energy time for your mind and body? And use that to write the article rather than doing it when you are down and tired.


Another important secret all successful people use to complete their tasks is to post the deadline everywhere in their surroundings, so they can look at it again and again. You need to write the deadline or type it and print it, then stick it on a wall or a door where you can see it every single day. Our mind gets 60 thousand thoughts each day, it is impossible to remain focused and remember the deadlines easily because of too many responsibilities at hand. The best solution is to remind yourself again and again about your deadline. How do you remind yourself? By deliberately forcing yourself to look at the deadline again and again as much as possible. Try it, and you will really be able to finish your paper on time.


It is commonly said, that if you are asked to eat an elephant, how do you do it? The answer is “one bite at a time”, of course metaphorically. But what does this example mean? It means that if you have a bigger and challenging task at hand, you need to divide it into small steps and tasks. Now if you have a research article pending, how do you finish it? Do something everyday, write something everyday. I would suggest, first count how many days you have? Then decide how many paragraphs your article will have, if its 20 paragraphs, then complete the article in 20 days. One paragraph a day…. simple. Can’t you do that? Everyone can do that. How much time does one paragraph takes? Hardly an hour if you are an average speed writer. See how easy it is to complete your paper… unfortunately many students are so lazy, they cannot even find one hour per day for one paragraph. A paragraph is around 5 lines to half a page only. The excuse they usually give is that I don’t have time. You don’t have time because you never scheduled the task. Now I am telling you another open secret, schedule the time of writing. Set up an alarm in your cellphone that everyday at one particular hour you will write only one paragraph or 5 lines to half a page. And you will gradually see your task becoming easier and easier. That is how you write and complete your paper fast. Maximum in 20 days or may be a month the latest. Now do you have any excuse left of not completing your research paper?


Proper planning and management can help you complete your paper fast. Decide that you will finish it before the deadline. Prioritize it, then write the deadline and post it somewhere you can see everyday. And last of all, follow the philosophy of one bite at a time. If you do that, you will finish not just your article in time, but anything before the deadline. This is the real science of completing the tasks.